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Natknelam sie na ten text w gazecie I tak strasznie mi sie spodobal ze postanowilam (z malymi przerobkami) Ci go poslac....
Kocham Cie moje szczescie xxxxx

I wish you courage. Not to dim your lights among men. Because many of us, as women, do. There's pressure to soften so much; our appetites, wants, spark. Our intelligence, our honesty. Don't ask anyone for permission to be who you are.

I wish you one true friend. If you have the solace of that, you can forgive all the rest. I wish you the courage to distance yourself from people who want to flatten you. They're not happy. not content, and they'll only want to drag you down, too. Cultivate your friends for what's in their hearts and not for how they look or what they do – or what they can do for you.

I wish you freedom from fear. Of what other people think of you, of public opinion. As George Eliot said, "It's never too late to be what you might have been." I wish you wariness of that reducing little word "dependent", for it means letting ourselves be controlled by another person and there's a whiny unhealthiness in that. It doesn't breed contentment.

I wish you an appreciation of failure, a respect for it. Seeing others strive, fail and strive again spurs us all on, for we're witnessing the glorious, indomitable human spirit in action. I wish you the strength to respond to your inner voice – it's always seeking goodness, happiness and peace for you. I wish you that beautifully quiet word, grace. The courage in kindness. A robust sense of empathy. Curiosity in abundance, and creativity. To exhilarate, to still, to nourish.

I wish you bravery. To be honest. To go against the grain. To stand up for yourself and others. There are only two ways to live – as a victim or a fighter. I wish you the latter. And, most fervently, requited loved. A vivid heart. May it never be crushed. I wish you the solace of the land, close, always; the replenishing potency of it like liquid gold through the veins.

And, finally, for those walloping times of difficulty and doubt, I wish you the soldering calm in Derek Mahon's words: "And the dark places be / Ablaze with love and poetry / When the power of good prevails.